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Predicting Baby Gender

I am not a wait and see kind of girl when it comes to predicting the gender of a baby.
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I can’t handle it.

At my 20-week appointment, when they would actually tell you the sex, my husband printed up these cute little cards, one pink and saying girl, and another one blue and saying boy. We brought an extra envelope and these two cards with us to the appointment, handed them to the ultrasound technician, let her put the correct card in the envelope and we went on our merry way with our sealed envelope.

That night we went out to dinner, and we slit open our envelope and found out we were having a girl. SURPRISE! We were surprised. We were surprised at Il Fornaio over appetizers instead of being surprised in the delivery room.

At 20 weeks, I was barely surfacing from a truly killer first trimester, which dragged into the second trimester, morning sickness experience. In fact, that pink card might have helped to bring me into reality because up until that point I was pretty sure I was pregnant with a green monster determined to induce vomit.

Let’s just say I needed a little pick me up. And in my heart, I knew that if I didn’t know, the second that baby came out I would want to throw all of the yellow out the window.

On a side note, that little green monster brought a labor and delivery experience that was so truly exhausting and not delightful that I’m pretty sure they could have said it was a puppy, and I would have been fine with it at that point. So for me, I was happy the reveal was at Il Fornaio.

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For those over eager beavers like myself who just HAVE to know the gender, the guessing begins early on.

Theories abound…

6 Tricks for Predicting Baby Gender

  1. Morning sickness? It’s a girl. Which in my case was actually true.
  2. Not looking so hot? Your future daughter has stolen your beauty. I’m not feeling this one. Pregnancy is exhausting whether or not anyone is eating up all of your beauty.
  3. Breaking out? If you have the face of a fourteen year old thick in the middle of puberty, you’re having a girl. I did break out a little with my daughter, but I was sort of attributing that more to first time pregnancy.
  4. How hairy are your legs? Faster growing leg hair means a boy. I say, it’s hard to bend over and reach your legs when pregnant.
  5. Dangle a wedding ring over your stomach and see which way the ring spins. For the record, someone tried this on me and it was the exact opposite both times.
  6. Chinese Gender Test. Boom. Right both times for me. Right for a lot of my friends. Wrong for a few of my friends. If I were pregnant right now, I’d probably google that bad boy. But the reality is that PROBABLY plugging your age and month of conception into a computer program does not an accurate gender prediction make.

Were you a wait and see? Were you climbing the yet to be painted walls like myself? Did you try any of the theories above? Any old tricks you swear by?

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It’s a…!



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