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Packing Your Birth Center or Hospital Bag-Top5 Most Forgotten (Much Needed)Items

It’s delivery time! Baby is coming and you’re off to your birthing center or hospital.
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You arrive feeling very prepared (maybe) and then realize that you forgot something- maybe it’s your glasses, maybe it’s a phone charger. I asked my customers what they thought were some pretty important things that you wouldn’t want to forget on that big day. Here are the top 5 (plus an extra of my own):

  1. Phone Charger – A must of course. Phone calls, music, pictures….and how else are you gonna update your facebook status? New dad post, “Baby is crowning, lots of hair!” Just kidding, not really.
  2. Panties – Apparently this is something many women forget. What’s wrong with the big fishnet ones they provide you with? Am I the only one that loves them? OK, kidding again.
  3. Chapstick – Huge must for me. Childbirth=labor (hard work)=lots of breathing= dry lips. Be prepared. You don’t want to smile at your baby for the first time and split your lip, totally ruins the moment.
  4. Sweats/PJs – You’ll want something comfy after all that hard work. Plus, you don’t have to worry about flashing everyone whenever you get up to go pee.
  5. Gum/breath mints – Great for you, but offer it to the staff, docs, dad etc….Do you know how many people will be in yo’ face to cheer you on? Another person’s bad breath makes me hold MY breath, a BIG no no during labor.

ONE EXTRA FOR THE ROAD- A hair tie…I looked like a stray cat after my first delivery. Unless you already have dreadlocks,  don’t forget your hair tie. Took me days after I delivered my first baby to get all the knots out.

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Please feel free to add your own “must have’s” in the comments below and have a happy delivery!


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