Nursing bra guide

Ok so I’m a big Victorias Secret fan!
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I love their bras because of their fit and sexiness. However, because I’m nursing (for the second time), my sexy bras are stored away somewhere in the back of my drawer in an assortment of colors, styles, AND sizes. In fact I sold about 10 of them on KSL recently because I no longer have that sexy 38D cup. Oh I still have the D cup, but it’s a mommy D cup if ya know what I mean!

ANYWHOO, nursing bras have become my everyday lingerie attire and I have to say that there are some really cute styles now that are really comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend using any under wire bras in the first couple weeks that you start breastfeeding. It just gets really uncomfortable once your milk comes in and it may cause problems such as clogging and infection *OUCH*

A bra extender is something you may want to buy if the fit around your ribcage is too tight. You can find these at Motherhood maternity. If you find that you’re cup size is just not fitting then I would suggest buying another bra. Better to have something that fits properly rather than deal with the discomfort.

The first bra that I say you MUST have before you even have that baby is a SLEEPING BRA!!! Doesn’t it just sound like the stupidest idea ever and a huge waste of $$? Well I have to say I felt that way when the Motherhood gal tried to sell it to me. It took me a couple weeks of being really uncomfortable in bed to finally give it a try. Now I own three. Let me tell you why they’re so great:

1-It’s very lightweight and provides just enough support without being restricting

2-The criss cross front makes it easy to pull down quickly (Even in the dark!)

3-You can still wear your nursing pads at night…who wants milk stains on their matress? NOT ME!

When you’re milk comes in it can be very uncomfortable and yes, painful. Going bra-less makes it worse, under wire hurts like hell, and a sports bra is a no no. If you use a sports bra and pull the elastic up to nurse, then the pressure from the band is right on the milk glads *OUCH AGAIN*

They are really inexpensive, I promise you’ll love it!

There are a number of companies that sell nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity to Walmart and Target. You can find comfy and stylish bras at these stores such as the one below.

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And for those of you with a taste for something more elegant you have to check outCake Lingerie. They make lingerie and sleepwear just for those expecting and nursing moms looking for something fancy! This bra is to die for!

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