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Necessary Baby Stuff?

Having a baby on the way is, like, hard. Hard for lots of reasons, like that whole pregnancy thing.

That’s hard. Or how about the anticipation factor? Combined with hormones? Hard. This being my 3rd rodeo into the whole pregnancy and giving birth thing, I’d like to think that experience is in my favor. But this time I have a newbie with me: my husband. This is his first pregnancy, his first birth, and his first rounds of sleepless nights.

And he isn’t like most men I’ve encountered in the father department. He wants to know everything and anything about pregnancy and babies. He has read all the books, gets his daily email from all the appropriate pregnancy websites, and has an entire folder dedicated to pregnancy and baby apps on his phone. He is way more in tune with my body than I ever have or care to be.  It’s sort of cute, and borderline annoying. As we are nearing the end of the pregnancy, all the websites tell him everything that is a “must have” for a new baby. And if an “expert” gives it glowing reviews it ends up in our shopping cart.

Except, really?

Haven’t women been having babies for centuries upon centuries without all those “must haves”. (I do not include an epidural in that sarcastic category. That is not a “must have” that is a requirement. I am a total sissy when it comes to pain) Is it really a requirement to have a feeding pillow? With the additional cover? Wouldn’t a regular pillow, that say you were sleeping on work? Upcycle! Wipe warmers? Just blow on the wipe before changing that little one in the middle of the night. Having a cold wipe might actually keep that baby awake long enough to feed. Bottles really don’t need a drying rack taking up space on the counter, a dish towel works just as perfectly. Is an activity mat necessary or maybe just a blanket? The list goes on and on.

I’m sure that all of these “must haves” have a great purpose, and work wonders. But I don’t have enough closets to keep all that stuff, nor do I want to spend my budget on that. It’s a good thing my sweet husband thinks I have the most expertise in the baby department, otherwise we might end up with a lot of unnecessary items. And if experience gives me insight into anything, it’s that a newborn needs very little. A place to sleep, a car seat, some clothes, bottles, diapers, a few blankets and a lot of love and patience.

Why doesn’t anyone ever put “snuggles and kisses” on the “must have” list?