Mila And Ashton And Baby Number 2

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I know I shouldn't be so pleased about news like this when it concerns people I don't even know who got their big breaks on movies like "Dude, Where's My Car?" and "That 70's Show"...but who cares!

I mean, remember when Ashton was married to Demi and a step-dad to kids who were basically his own age? That was super weird. When he and Mila got back together it felt right, yes? And Wyatt for a baby girl name? YAS! Unique but not super weird like Rocket Tamborine or Inspector Pilot (seriously, Jason Lee?). I'm pretty pumped to see what they come up with this time around. Any bets? Let's start a pool...

Babies make me happy and pretty celebrity babies are pretty fun because you know, the air of mystery and all. You should have seen the giddy face I made when The Royal Couple announced they were expecting both times. It felt a little like Christmas. I should be ashamed to admit that but I'm not.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte 4EVER.