I’m an Undercover Mama…how about you?

Well not really a mom undercover, that’s obvious by the little tykes in tow and puffy little bags under my eyes.
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I’m talking about when I’m nursing my 16 month old, I prefer to keep my boobs under cover as well as my stomach and back.  When I found undercover mamas I was so excited that I just had to carry them in my shop to share with all the moms out there!

Make any top a nursing top!

Undercover mamas are the most useful nursing accessory/ piece of clothing I have ever found! They turn any shirt into a nursing top. They are basically camis without straps. They have hooks/loops where the straps would normally be attached and this enables you to hook them directly on to your nursing bra. Then you just wear them under all of your normal tops! Try them alone under a cute hoodie or jacket….tada! Instant easy access

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Hooks to any nursing bra!

Nursing tops are made to fit great right after baby, but once all the baby weight comes off (quickly due to nursing), most of the tops look too baggy. I love how long and fitted the undercovers are. I hate to wear nursing camis because I always need to wear a bra. A bra inside of a nursing cami = MORE WORK FOR ME! And I’m not down with that. Every nursing mom needs an Undercover Mama!

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Undercover Mama