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How Four Pillows Changed My Pregnancy

Out with the old and in with the SNOOZE, baby!
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I am a mother of 3 with one on the way. There is nothing better than an amazing night’s sleep when pregnant- you escape from the nausea, sore back, varicose veins, and that vertical gravity that pulls on you all day long. I’m ready for bed just thinking about it. Not only does getting better sleep impact your day-to-day, but I recently read in a study that improving your sleep quality while pregnant will actually set a foundation for the best labor and delivery—with shorter labor and decreased chance of caesarean delivery. Makes total sense to me. Now, the question is how to help yourself to more sleep?

I remember in my first pregnancy experiencing for the first time the discomfort of a growing belly and trying to get comfortable in bed—not an easy task. I needed back up. I had a couple couch pillows I grabbed one night; one for under my stomach and the other for either my back or between my knees. They made do, so I used them for baby 1, 2, and 3. My back was constantly sore and I woke up many times each night to adjust the pillow positions.

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I desperately needed a change for pregnancy #4. But didn’t even realize how badly I needed it until I tried these Boppy pillows. Then I asked myself “Why did I wait so long?!” Because, let me tell you what a difference Boppy support pillows have made for my 24 hour comfort! I have all 4 blissful options: The Slipcovered Total Body Pillow, The Prenatal Bump and Back, The Pregnancy Wedge, and The Pregnancy Support Pillow (paisley shaped). 

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Each one has…

  • Soft and super cute fabric
  • Zip off washable covers
  • Pillow stuffing that is cottony comfort

Here’s the scoop on how I’ve used each one:

Bump & Back Pillow

My FAV for a marvelous night’s rest! After the first night I tried this pillow, my couch pillows got tossed. Never. Looking. Back. Besides having to use the bathroom (darn it), my night is completely comfortable and uninterrupted.

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No shifting or losing your back pillow in the night because the pillows are connected. Continued front and back support if you roll over in your sleep. Problem solved.

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Cottony pillow insert is the perfect mix of squishy and firm.

Guaranteed I’ll be using postpartum for a couple months too.

It’s travel size! And use the product packaging as a travel case! Easily take it with you on plane rides or road trips. It makes SUCH a difference to have your own pillow with you. I just used on a trip to Disneyland—it was a life saver! See how to use it here.

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Total Body Pillow

Since I prefer the Bump and Back Pillow for night sleeping, I constantly use the Total Body Pillow folded over itself as a full back and side support pillow on my couch. In fact, I’m using it as I write this!

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Great for back support (especially lower back) while doing anything you’d normally do lounging on a couch. Laundry, reading, working on your computer, Netflix binge, whatever!

Transitions into the full body support you want if you by chance find a minute to take a much needed snooze on said couch. 😊

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This one would also create the perfect supportive incline if you are cursed with heartburn. See more uses here. 

Pregnancy Support Pillow

Creates a cocoon for sleeping— for better naps, or reading. Also great for support between your legs.

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Wedge Pillow

I will use this during end of 2nd and 3rd trimester when my stomach extends out further. One thing is for sure with pregnancy—you WILL GROW BIGGER! I bet this would be fantastic for multiples. 

Current research suggests that physicians and caregivers should strongly recommend—or even prescribe—8 hours of bed time each night during pregnancy to improve perinatal outcomes. SIGN ME UP for that PRESCRIPTION!

I’ll bring my new pillows along with me for a guaranteed good night’s rest!

You can get all four of the Boppy Pregnancy pillows at Toys R Us now! That mom-to-be in your life has enough onesies…get something for HER.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boppy. The opinions and text are all mine.



How Four Pillows Changed My Pregnancy

I remember in my first pregnancy experiencing for the first time the discomfort of a growing belly and trying to get comfortable in bed. I needed back up.

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