Free Meet Up Group for Prenatal Yoga

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I want to get the word out to all the central coast moms-to-be: I am hosting an outdoor prenatal yoga intro class. Whether you're an experienced yogi or want to just want to get out and meet other moms, come and enjoy youself! For details go to
Hope to see you there!


Lori Hillard_crop

Meeting a Need

Lori searched for a storybook that would help her children to understand her divorce. When she couldn’t find one that offered the right message, she wrote and published her own, Sending Love, My "Different-Functional" Family.

Baby Meets City

Join me as I chronicle tales of mommyhood in the urban jungle of NYC... I'll be sharing thoughts on my new role and the challenges of balancing bambina, work and whatever semblance of a life I have left. I'm on a quest to find baby/stroller-friendly restaurants & shops, fab websites and, if successful, be a resource for other new city moms out there. Wish me luck!