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Everything You Need to Know about Target’s NEW Car Seat Trade-in Program

Need an excuse to go to Target? Never? Well here’s one anyway!
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Target launched it’s 2017 Carseat Trade-in Program and we couldn’t be more excited.  The program offers parents 20% off a new carseat for trading in their old one.  The program is a partnership with Terracycle-a company that “recycles hard-to-recycle waste.”  The initiative is just in time for Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate?  It’s an opportunity to clean out your garage and feel great about yourself.  Through the partnership, they expect to keep more than 700,000 pounds of car seat materials out of landfills.

“In honor of Earth Month, we wanted to make it easy for guests to do something positive for the planet and their communities,” says Jennifer Silberman, chief sustainability officer, Target. “We love this opportunity to give families an environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted car seats and get the new ones they need just in time for spring.”


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From April 17th through April 30th, you have the opportunity to recycle your old car seat at participating Target locations! To participate, simply bring your old car seat to the designated Target Take Back recycling area at a participating Target store.

All car seat brands are accepted for recycling. In return for recycling your car seat, you will earn a 20% discount on a new car seat.

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The coupon is good for any car seat you purchase in store or at – but only until May 31, 2017 so you’ll want to be ready to choose!  You can check out a full selection of their carseats here.

Just another reason we love you Target-recycling AND coupons??  You’re the best.


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Heads-Up! Target's Car Seat Trade-In Program Ends Sept. 22nd!

Exchange your old car seat for some major Target discounts, but do it fast before this deal runs out!


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