Choosing a Baby Name

I know that many of you have had a name picked out since you knew where babies came from.
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Or before you even had your spouse picked out. For some of us, we had absolutely no idea.

As a young woman, I knew someday I wanted to have children. I never even thought twice about what I wanted their names to be or even what names I really liked.

In fact, my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time and I never once discussed names before deciding to become pregnant.

A few months into my pregnancy we had decided on a boy’s name we both cared for, Charles Alexander. Charles, which is his grandfather’s name. With the nickname Charlie, a favorite of mine since middle school. Alexander, which is my grandfather’s name. Done. No arguments there.

A girl’s name however, we had still not discussed.

We walked into the ultrasound appointment ready to find out, weather it would be a little Miss or Mr.

Of course, it was a girl! I myself, was overjoyed to be having a little mini me. Now the question remained, “What is her name going to be?”

I am all not for waiting until the baby arrives to decide. I need to know everything ahead of time. After a few months of searching names online, in books, and from friends, we stumbled upon a name, Carleigh. I adored the name and could tell he did as well. With that spelling of course. We, however, continued to search names that evening.

The next morning, as I am sitting watching TV, I get a text from him. He writes to me that he really likes “Carleigh” and insists that be her name.

Okay, done!

Later, we chose Rose for her middle name.

Carleigh Rose.

It’s not a name that was decided upon early in the game. It was a name we chose for your daughter, together.

How did you choose your child’s name?