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A unique Mommy gift-and something for baby

Need a unique Mother’s Day gift? Here’s one that’s affordable, beautiful AND functional!
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When I first opened my maternity store I thought, well my customers are all women and women love jewelry. So I set out to find some cute jewelry that I could carry in my store,  but then I realized that all customers would be pregnant or already have small babies. Babies + Jewelry = choking hazard, beads flying everywhere, waste of money.

My search started by googling mommy necklaces and I found a couple different types. The one that jumped out the most was Teething Bling by Smart mom jewelry.

So I ordered one and my son has chewed on this thing his whole first year of life! Well at least starting around 4 months when he learned how to get things into his mouth.

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My baby Jax enjoying his teething bling for the past 8 months!

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The pieces are simple but elegant and the best part is that they are chewy, non-toxic, and federally approved. Not to mention the fact that the necklace has a break-away clap in case your curious little one sneaks it around their neck when you aren’t looking. They though of everything…oh yes and they’re dishwasher safe HELLO! Did I mention they have bracelets as well?

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When you carry your baby,  they’re gonna chew on everything you have on anyway so why not make it something safe and stylish? Tell everyone that you want this for Mother’s day, get it for Grandmas and Aunts 🙂

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Teething bling bangle bracelets

They even have a TIE for DADS but that’s another subject. Check up on my future posts for more around Father’s day!


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