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A New Baby Favorite! The Boppy® Newborn Lounger

When we had our first baby, she had the full baby equipment treatment.
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The swing, the bouncer seat, the vibrating baby seat, the activity center, the play mat, you name it, that kid had it. We rotated her little diaper booty from snuggles to baby equipment to snuggles to more baby equipment.

Fast forward seven years later to the birth of our third baby. While he’s just as deserving of a little baby, we don’t have a full line-up of baby equipment to rotate him through every day. Here’s why. The place where the swing would go is home to my four year olds bean bag chair. And the place where I would house the baby activity center is where my daughters American Girl diner lives. Let’s face it, baby gear does not have a small foot print. And neither do my other two kids toys.

When I was asked to review The Boppy Newborn Lounger, I jumped on it. With a convenient carrying handle, it’s a great portable baby item that is perfect for travel and can also be stashed away. It’s hard to stash away a baby swing. And let’s face it. He’s my third baby, I definitely need to find a safe place to put him down so I can help with homework, make dinner and find a missing shoe amongst other things. Did I mention that he loves it?

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He sat in it on the bathroom floor this morning when I took a shower. He watched me unload the dishwasher in it this afternoon. And we took it to my parents tonight where he lounged away while we ate dinner. He’s three months old next week, and he thinks it’s the coziest lounge chair he’s ever seen.

While it looks like I too would find it to be quite the comfortable seat, it’s designed for babies up to 16 pounds. This is not a sleeping pillow, it’s specifically designed for babies to use during their awake hours. Another feature that has come in handy for us is the wipeable fabric. Our guy spurts spit-up like a little volcano. Let’s just say our cute elephant print has already been wiped a lot.

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The day he grows out of this pillow is going to be a sad day. In the meantime, he’s a lounging machine.

The Boppy Newborn Lounger is available for sale at BabiesRUS, Target, and While Boppy very generously supplied us with this incredible pillow much to the delight of my happy newborn, my opinions of this product are all my own.


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