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7 Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Grabbing the perfect present for the approaching baby shower needs to be creative and helpful.
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There are several unique choices out there, the possibilities are endless.  You can be the talk of the party with your modern baby sculpture, but wouldn’t you rather give something the parent could make good use of?  Soon after having our little princess, we looked back at our terrific baby shower gifts, and realized that the ones we utilized the most were the most valuable.  From our experience, below are some baby shower gift ideas that have been the most beneficial:

1.Baby Bedding – Our baby bedding was really the focal point of our nursery.  My mother-in-law first asked us which color scheme and theme we wanted.  We gave her some ideas, and she found an absolutely adorable, modern pink and chocolate baby bedding theme.  From that point on, all of our baby blankets, mattress sheets, cushions, and nursery items all complimented our adorable baby bedding.  It’s a wonderful way to kick start the nursery

2.Pregnancy Pillow – My Boppy pillow offered me ultimate sleep comfort throughout my pregnancy and several months afterwards.  With a beach ball-sized belly, I could no longer rest on my back.  I couldn’t sleep without the Boppy in my arms and in between my legs.  The “S” shape of the Boppy also made it simple to use as a breastfeeding cushion.  It was truly a sleep necessity.

3.Diaper Genie – If you don’t already know, you will incur a massive amount of stinky diapers for a couple years.  The odor can linger like rotten cheese!  The Diaper Genie is essential to keep the smell under control.  It is easy to change and keeps the nursery smelling clean and odorless.

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4.Baby Sling/Backpack – Holding your little one skin to skin is a precious way to bond.  However, when you need your hands free to take care of things, put your baby in a sling or backpack.  I prefer a front backpack so baby is snug against me and can listen to my heartbeat.  Since my daughter always wanted to be held, the backpack was the best way for me to get things done.

5.Sleep Sheep – It took us quite some time to show our daughter when sleep time was.  We created a routine to turn out the lights, feed, swaddle and play calming white noise.  The Sleep Sheep is a cuddly animal which plays calming sounds such as ocean waves, rain, whale calls and babbling brooks.  Our daughter recognized the sounds and it quickly put her to sleep.  We took it everywhere we went.

6.First-Aid Kit – There are many first-aid kits for babies that include everything for emergencies.  We actually have two that we keep in the bedroom and car.  It’s something you don’t want to need to use, but something you cannot be without.

7.Bouncy Seat – When you need to break away to do laundry or dishes, a bouncy seat is an awesome way to keep your baby safe and entertained.  It’s a great way to work your baby’s leg muscles to prepare for walking, and super fun for the baby.  There are many built-in toys that are great for your baby’s development.

These items have been the most helpful and memorable of the baby shower presents we received.  Whether you decide to get baby crib bedding or a Diaper Genie, choose something that will make it much easier for the parent-to-be.  Having a baby is more than a full-time job, it’s an incredible life change.


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