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5 Things You Need to Know About Cord Blood Before You Deliver Your Baby

Every parent wants a safe delivery and healthy baby, and during both of my pregnancies I was laser-focused.
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Never has there been a time in my life when I was as full of questions as I was when I was pregnant. Even on my second go-round, I was still the lady showing up to my doctor’s appointment with a page of scribbled questions.

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Pregnancy is such a whirlwind of discovery and planning! Even if this isn’t your first time heading into the delivery room—sure, you’re coming in more informed, probably a lot less nervous, and with a far lighter hospital bag—but there are still so many things to learn and know before you deliver.

Every parent wants a safe delivery and healthy baby, and during both of my pregnancies I was laser-focused on these goals. But I’ve learned that there’s a really AMAZING opportunity right after birth that could make a difference in a family’s future.

Have you heard of CBR®?

Think of it like starting a savings account for your child at birth, only in this case it’s a HEALTH savings account that may potentially benefit someone in your immediate family for future health treatments.

Here are five things you need to know about cord blood banking so you can talk to your doctor and decide if this option is right for your family.

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Cord Blood Contains Stem Cells

The umbilical cord, which has nourished your baby for nine months, also contains powerful stem cells. These stem cells can be found in the small amount of blood that is in the umbilical cord after you give birth. By saving and banking that cord blood, you can save those stem cells for potential use in future medical treatments.

Stem Cells Are Superheroes

And newborn stem cells are extra special! These stem cells have the ability to become the different cells of the blood and immune system that one day could potentially act like a person’s own repair kit! Today this type of stem cell is used in transplant medicine in the treatment of over 80 conditions, including leukemia, lymphoma, and some immune disorders.

This is a BIG Moment

The delivery room is a magical time of “firsts” with your baby, and in some cases “onlys.” This is a big moment, and only in the delivery room can your baby’s newborn cord blood be retrieved and saved. There’s no risk or pain for you or your baby. And it can be done for both vaginal and c-section births.


BYOK stands for “Bring your own kit.” If you decide that CBR is right for your family, you’ll be packing your cord blood kit in your hospital bag right alongside all of the other carefully chosen items to welcome your little one into the world. You’ll just need to register with CBR beforehand so they can send you a kit. As with any part of your birth plan, you’ll want to talk to your doctor before you arrive in the delivery room so you can discuss the plan together.

You Get Back to Snuggling, CBR Takes Care of the Rest

The folks at the CBR will keep your precious cargo safe, and you’ll stay informed. You’ll be notified when your baby’s stem cells are safe and sound and how to retrieve them in the future if a need arises.

Want to know more? Visit to get more details and information about how cord blood and stem cells are being used.

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Win Free Cord Blood Banking

Win Free Cord Blood Banking

Want a chance to win FREE CORD BLOOD BANKING from CBR®?

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