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5 Baby Classes in San Diego for New Moms

The first few months after both my kids were born were an absolute blur.
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Both of my darling girls were colicky (and at times didn’t seem so darling), I had problems nursing both of them (like I had EVERY nursing problem a mom could have), and I battled with minor bouts of post partum depression. Though I had several friends who all had little children, and who had just gone through what I was going through, I still felt lost and had a gajillion questions about my little bundles of joy. The things that helped me the most were the mommy & me classes and support groups I attended.

To help any new moms in San Diego, who might be going through some of the similar senses of WHAT THE HELL DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!?!?, I’ve put together a list of classes in the area that you might find helpful.

Here are the top 5 essential classes for parents with a new baby:


If there’s one thing a newborn will love, it’s their mom’s touch. With a little hands-on instruction offered through Sharp Hospital on how to do it correctly, you might soon add it to your nighttime routine and catch some extra zzzz’s as your relaxed baby does, too! Oh, and you know those sleepless nights because of a gassy baby? Apparently it can help ease those belly aches.

Check out the classes offered through Sharp hospital.


It’s all fun and games until your baby is crying uncontrollably and you are out of ideas on how to soothe them. Enter Breezy Parenting’s Baby 101: The Newborn is Here . . . Now What? The six week class is offered through Scripps Parent Connection and has you bring your baby to class for hands on instruction on Tummy Time, setting up a schedule that works for YOU and your baby, things every mom should know about her own health and more in a discussion like setting open to ten participants at a time. Not only will you bond with your baby while learning to ease the transition into motherhood, you may just end up with some life long mom friends, too! In fact, this class should be a requirement for all new moms! Sign up for the current classes or get on the waiting list to secure your spot at: BreezyParenting.com


Your baby is never too young to be introduced to the power of music. You never know, you may have the next Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift on your hands. So, even if it seems silly to take a child who barely has head control to go rock out, you will be surprised by their response to the tunes that you will likely sing along with them for years to come. For more bang for your drum, check out the Sing and Baby Sign Language class offered at Platypus Kids (we did the Next Generation Yoga classes and my kids LOVED them!).


Now that you have a baby who is relaxed, soothed and the future American Idol, it’s time for a little exercise. You can feel human again by socializing with other moms outside of the house, while you let your wee one wiggle with ease with fun movement classes offered through Kidville. For more info visit the Kidville website.


Taking the life saving course seems like a no brainer, but staying home while pregnant to soak your swollen feet somehow always wins out. Never fear, having your baby with you is actually even more informative than the option to practice on a plastic doll. Check out American Red Cross for a class conveniently located near you.