Your New Favorite Springtime Album

I’ve been a fan of Zooey Deschanel for a long time. Hopefully you were as intrigued by her singing in Elf as I was, if so I would like to introduce you to your new favorite spring album: She & Him Vol. 2

Zooey Deschanel’s voice isn’t helping right now. I am picking through some recent purchases, deciding what pieces I absolutely need and which ones can be sent back. Under normal circumstances I would easily give in and keep all the dirt cheap deals I found, but things are different today. I’m pregnant, with my 3rd baby, happily a girl to join my two little guys. And right now happily is the correct word, I am weeks past the horrifying morning sickness that’s made me firmly decide this is the last little one we’re adding to the family. So the excuse that I’ll wear some of these pieces again is completely out the door, like that little skirt should have been.

Back to Zooey… she isn’t helping. I am listening to the new album from She & Him and it is just soft-serve ice cream in the spring lovely. As I listen I feel like I’m in the happiest scene of a favorite old movie. Maybe a time piece about the 50’s, a care-free young house wife (probably Samantha Stevens from Bewitched) dressing for her ladies luncheon in her perfectly clean house with a perfectly spring breeze wafting through the window. Honestly, would you send any of it back?

She and Him

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I’ve been a fan of Zooey Deschanel for a long time. Does anyone else remember her on that Frasier episode? Hopefully you were as intrigued by her singing in Elf as I was, if so I would like to introduce you to your new favorite spring album:  She & Him Vol. 2.

If you are a fan of Vol. 1 I’m sure you’re as happy as I am to see Vol. 2 and learn that Zooey and M. Ward are now officially a proper band.

I kept too many pieces. I found a new excuse, since this is my last pregnancy I deserve to enjoy it! I really need to get some good photos of this belly and me. I shunned the camera way too much with the last two. This time, now that the sickness has passed, I’m doing my best to revel in every second of this. I may send a thank you card to Zooey.



Saving Your Ears

The time has come.  I’m cleaning out my iTunes trying my best to make it more kid friendly.


A Music Must Have For Mamas

If you are pregnant or in that sleepy dream world state of having a newborn in the house, may I suggest you pick up the album that has convinced me to savor every last second of my very last pregnancy/newborn.

New Favorites

Here is what I play the most right now.

Oh yes. The two of us on video. Brace. Yourself.

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This is the year of the gloriously mundane. The year that I attempt to return to some of my pre-mama hobbies, tackle some long-looming projects and add some simple pleasures into my life.


Make Your List, Check It Twice

Spring is coming. Getting ready should mean more than whipping out the Windex.


Staff Pick: Tall As a Tree by Hullabaloo

I’ve waded into the kid-music waters with albums that offer mellow lullabies but with Hullabaloo, I feel like I’ve cannon balled into the deep end and I couldn’t be happier.

Current Favorites

This mix doesn't really have any sensible order. Just lots of my favorite music by lots of my favorite bands. Anyone ever heard of Within Temptation? I HIGHLY recommend them!! I can't list all their songs on my playlist, because I play ALL of them, but I'll list their current US single. :)