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William and Kate: Oh, It's ON!

It feels supremely uncool to say this...but I’m totally obsessed with the royal wedding.
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It feels supremely uncool to say this...but I’m totally obsessed with the royal wedding.

I know, I know, it’s an outdated institution, it’s ridiculous, who cares about these people?

I’m not buying the magazines, watching Access Hollywood, or ordering a commemorative mug of any size; I’m not completely over the edge. Fine, I watched the cheesy, cheddary Lifetime William & Kate movie while assembling Easter baskets (Time to assemble baskets: 20 minutes. Time of movie: 2 hours. Me: Guilty.) I’m not obsessed with every story and photograph...but I can’t help it. I’m an anglophile: Plantagenets, crumpets, BBC, 1066 and all that.

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And it’s a wedding, people! It’s a huge party! There will be hats! So, so many hats. You’re not dying to see Kate’s dress? I’m already judging it (if it’s a mermaid, or I’ve seen it on Say Yes to the Dress, she’s dead to me.) I’m rooting for those two crazy kids. None of that "whatever love means" nonsense.

Are you going to set your DVR? Stay up all night? Wake before dawn to watch this party? It’s OK if you aren’t going to watch, even though it means you have no heart and romance is dead to you.


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