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What’s Your Sunglass Style?

Many people inquired about the Sunglass style personality quiz I took at the Lenscrafters RxHibition event I attended.
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I thought the personality quiz was so accurate for my sunglass style.   I am a “Style Maven”.   I thought I would have a follow-up to my article and post the same quiz  I took.  Here it is.

1.)  What’s your idea of a dream vacation?

A) Lounging on the French Riviera

B) Having umbrella drinks on the beach by day and club-hopping by night

C) Visiting one of my vacation homes

D) Anything adventurous like skiing in St. Moritz or sailing in the Bahamas

2.)  Which shoe best reflects your style?

A) Jason Wu suede booties

B) Brooks Brothers wing tips

C) Heels from Manolo and Jimmy Choo

D) Hiking boots from REI

3.)  What’s your idea of the perfect night out?

A) Rubbing elbows with the trendy set at Soho House

B) Dinner at my favorite restaurant followed by a movie

C) A wine tasting and gallery opening

D) Court-side seats at the U.S. Open

4.)  If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?

A) Fly straight to Paris, the fashion capital of the world

B) Meet with my financial planner

C) I’ve had my eye on a 118-foot Burger yacht

D) Head to the Himalayas and hire a sherpa

5.)  Your wardrobe is mostly:

A) The look-of-the-moment from the trendiest designers

B) Classic looks that never go out of style, like cashmere sweater sets and a LBD

C) The finest quality tailored suits

D) Functional, stylish pieces that fit into my active life

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6.)  If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?

A) A green car like a Toyota Prius, I hear it’s a celebrity favorite

B) A restored 1966 Fort Mustang

C) A Bentley – luxury all the way

D) A Land Rover, to hold all of my equipment

7.)  When you’re at a social event, you are:

A) The center of attention

B) Hoping the kids haven’t chased away the babysitter

C) Networking and making connections

D) Mingling, eating, getting the full experience

8.)  It’s a Friday night and you’re staying in to watch a movie. What are you going to watch?

A) The latest films starring the hottest celebs, like Love & Other Drugs

B) Classics like The Sound of Music and Casablanca are my go-to

C) A foreign or independent film like Belle Du Jour or La Dolce Vita

D) An action or adventure film like 127 Hours or Inception

9.)  Which of the following statements best reflects your style philosophy?

A) “I want to look stylish and keep up on the latest looks of the season.”

B) “I want to look and feel good, but my family’s needs come first.”

C) “Good taste and style aren’t just trends, but natural parts of who I am.”

D) “Personal style is important, but it has to fit into my active life.”

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Count your answers and see below what your sunglass personality is.

MOSTLY A’s: The Style Maven Nothing comes between you and your Fashion Police. From fresh celebrity fashions to the top places to see and be seen, you keep your eye on the latest trends. Increase your style quotient with frames with bold colors, chic prints, sexy shapes and lots of bling. Look for daring styles from designers like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. And for those incognito Hollywood moments, go for a pair of glamorous oversized sunglasses or a sleek pair of dark shades.

MOSTLY B’s: The Classic A level-headed traditionalist at heart, you’ll take the tried and true over the latest fad any day. Try timeless styles from classic designers like Tory Burch and Ray-Ban. Retro cool shapes like aviators and wayfarers will always be in style. Kick it up a notch with temple details like studs and metal.

MOSTLY C’s: The Connoisseur Nothing is too good for the connoisseur. You like to experience the finer things in life like extravagant vacations and luxury cars and are known for your exquisite taste. Indulge your penchant for details with eyewear from top designers like Persol, Tiffany and Burberry. Chic shapes, timeless colors and superb craftsmanship are the calling card of the shades that will catch your eye.

MOSTLY D’s: The Adventurer From mountain biking to cruising the Bahamas, your active lifestyle requires a variety of frames. A sunglass style that combines form and function is key for your outdoor adventures. Consider sunglasses that are lightweight, durable and designed with a close fit to shield your eyes at all angles, like Ray-Ban aviators. And don’t forget about a pair of sexy evening frames for those times when life’s special occasions call you off of the mountain.

{Images:  courtesy of Lenscrafters}

***DISCLAIMER:  I received the personality style quiz from Lenscrafters.


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