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What I like right now...

Here are a few of my current favorites. Enjoy!
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Here are a few of my current favorites. Enjoy!

1. Suspect, Daniel Powter

2. Juicy, Better than Ezra

3. Back in Black, ACDC

4. Kiss Me Til It Bleeds, Nina Gordon

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5. Out of Reach, Gabrielle

6. Exactly Like You, Diana Krall

7. Home, Michael Buble

8. Wherever You Will Go, The Calling

From Jennifer R. Salt Lake City, UT


New Holiday Favorites

Here are a few of my newer favorite holiday songs. Merry Christmas!

I Am Superwoman

This mix gets me out of bed in the morning and inspires me too!

Pilates Groove

I had so much fun sharing my spin music with you I thought I would share my Pilates mix as well. The music choices you have for Pilates are so much more diverse then any class in my opinion because really anything works as long as it's not hard rock or country.

Goodbye Stress Mix

I listen to this music to relax, be myself, and dance away the stress while it's naptime for my child.

Mommy's Sanity Mix

I listen to this when I am making lunch. It keeps me happy AND the kids happy by giving each a little of what we want. The kids like to dance to their songs and mine.

Jazzy Mama Mix

These are a few of my all-time favorite jazz/smooth jazz songs. Enjoy!

Songs For Mom

For Mother's are a few of my favorite "Mom" tunes.

Cozy Fall Mix

This is my "Cozy Fall Mix", nice and mellow...