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Watch This: Smash

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This weekend I spent some time catching up with my long-lost friend, the DVR. After having been in bed with a nasty sinus infection for the better part of 10 days, I was in the mood for something peppy.

Smash delivered.

I made sure to set my DVR to record Smash during NBC’s big pre-Superbowl push. Did you see those commercials? Of course you did, you couldn’t turn on NBC during the month of January without seeing Angelica Houston sauntering around New York City.

Here’s why I’m hooked on Smash after two episodes:

1. Lots of character driven story lines. There’s drama, humor, big dreams and musical numbers. Well done musical numbers.

2. There are no: doctors, cops, or dead bodies. I LOVE me some Castle, but I’m happy to have something to watch that doesn’t include the dialog “cause of death” or “victim”.

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3. NBC seems to be making their mission to build fantastic set pieces. I want to climb inside the NYC apartments and offices of the Smash characters, every bit as much as I’d like to camp out with the Braverman’s of Parenthood.

It’s on tonight! Catch up on the first two episodes here.

P.S. Let me save you some time...because you’ll spend the first episode trying to figure out where you know this guy from.

Smash 1

It’s from here:

Smash 2

You’re welcome.


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