Warrior – My Film Introduction to the World of MMA

Warrior – My Film Introduction to the World of MMA
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I was ecstatic to get VIP tickets to an advanced screening of Warrior (which centered around MMA).  Although I’m unfamiliar with the sport, I happily agreed to go. But, MMA? What’s that?

Warrior is scheduled for a September 9th release and is based on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It’s a combination of martial arts and boxing.  I had my reservations about MMA, but the plot was so interesting.  On a few occasions, I caught myself cheering out loud (along with the audience), although I found myself laughing at some humorous bits in the film. This movie opened my eyes to the world of MMA (which combined my love of Tae Kwon Do and boxing).

Nick Nolte, who is almost unrecognizable at the beginning of the movie, is one of the three main characters. He has two estranged sons (actors Tom Hardy from Inception & Joel Edgerton from Great Gatsby).  They are two brothers trying to come to terms with their past who eventually find themselves at war with one another, aspiring for the same goal.

If you’re a sucker for movie soundtracks as I am, you’ll want to download the music from iTunes. Surprisingly, one of the songs that played over and over was one of Beethoven’s. A stark contrast to this action packed guy drama.

The great thing about Warriors is its hero spotlight program.  TheWe Are All Warriorsinitiative brings together warriors of all walks of life – from civil activists fighting for our rights, to firefighters and police officers who fight for our lives, and to mothers and fathers fighting for their families.  Whether it’s for human rights, faith, honor or respect, we are ALL fighting battles every day. And in this day and time, it is nice to know we are not alone.

By nominating a warrior or self-nominating themselves, one Warrior has the chance to win a hometown screening of the film, Warrior, from AMC Theatres.

To view the WARRIOR trailer and check out the We Are All Warriors program click here: 

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Jennifer Morrison stars as ‘Tess’ in WARRIOR. Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick

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