Walking With Dinosaurs Comes to Knoxville

Walking With Dinosaurs Comes to Knoxville
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Walking with Dinosaurs is a theatrical presentation of life-sized dinosaurs wandering around the arena telling their story. Based on the BBC TV series of the same name and in cooperation with the BBC, Walking with Dinosaurs is “as accurate as current science allows.”

Show: Walking With Dinosaurs, the Arena Spectacular

Where: Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville

When: April 30-May 2

Promotion Code: ROAR for $10 off 100 and 200 level tickets on the Friday, April 30 show at 7pm (Good until March 18) Click here to purchase tickets.

My first question when considering a show of this nature for my family was the youngest age that would enjoy this show. I was pleased that this was addressed almost immediately in the FAQs on their website. This is what they had to say about it: “We recommend the show for ages from three to 93.  The show has been carefully written and produced for the entire family, and there is no violence.  The show has been produced however to provide a fair amount of realism – so to simulate earthquakes, volcanoes and comets impacting the earth, along with the primal roars of the dinosaurs, our show sound design is loud in many places.  Some children (and adults) are sometimes momentarily taken by surprise by the impact of the sound, but usually our general fascination with dinosaurs, the symphonic music and the rich, yet subtle lighting tends to balance any momentary fear.  Our experience is that most children sit relatively quietly in awe of the dinosaurs.”

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