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Walking The Red Carpet At Dallas’ International Film Festival

Walking The Red Carpet At Dallas’ International Film Festival
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As a native California girl, I always dreamed of walking Hollywood’s red carpet rubbing shoulders with celebrities, agents, and the press.  Little did I know how close I was to realizing that dream when I, along with my supportive hubby and giddy older daughter, walked last evening’s red carpet at Dallas’ International Film Festival.

Discussing the night’s event over a milkshake, I reminded our seven year old daughter to savor the moment. It was our first time (and I’m certain the last) attending a film festival albeit in Dallas. After all, it’s not everyday that three of our friends executive produce, write, and direct a film.

Life Before Wedding (or LBW as its known) is a Telugu film (not to be confused by a Bollywood film which is spoken in Hindi) written and directed by our friend, Praveen Sattura, and executive produced by another family friend, Ravi Mandapaka. Though the majority of the film was spoken in the Telugu language, our seven year old followed the storyline by reading subtitles. Earning our two thumbs up, we found the film endearing and hilarious (poking fun of the many Indian and American stereotypes). The film displayed India’s gorgeous landscape and recognizable Dallas landmarks which delighted local movie-go’ers.

LBW has been so successful in Sattura’s native India that it’s currently in its 7th week run. This is an amazing feat for this newcomer, who incidentally had to take a 13-month sabbatical from his IBM engineering job to pursue and fulfill his dream.

Oh, and that red carpet? Truth be told, it was more like a humongous red rug, but we were still over the moon to have rubbed shoulders with executive producers, writers, directors and actors.

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