Helps me remember God, love and my family.

Helps me remember God, love and my family.

1. Praise You in the Storm, Casting Crowns

2. East to West, Casting Crowns

3. Lead Me to the Cross, Hillsong United

4. Decode, Paramore

5. Saving Me, Nickleback

6. Fast Cars and Freedom, Rascal Flatts

7. Never Alone, Barlow Girl

8. Boondocks, Little Big Town

9. By His Wounds, Glory Revealed

10. Bless the Broken Road, Selah or Rascal Flatts

11. Rebirthing, Skillet

12. What I've Done, Linkin Park

From Natasha S. of Spokane, WA


Keep the Walk Going

Here are just a few songs that keep me going throughout the day. Lullabies for my babies and boogie music to help me clean in better spirits.

Marna's Movie Mix

I love movies, and the ones I grew up with have the best soundtracks… so here is my mix list, compiled from some great tracks of the 80’s and 90’s. These songs make me happy and relaxed, even a bit nostalgic.

Spin Mix

I teach Spin at a local gym and I love music that gets me energized. I always ask people in class what music gets them pumped and here are a few my class and I enjoy.

Valentine for Mix Posts_TC

Love is All You Need from Cathy Zielske

Sometimes a mix is defined more by what it emotes, rather than what it says literally. With that in mind, here’s my love mix for 2010 that will be packaged up and given to my main squeeze for this years Valentine’s celebration.

Dancing Queen

This music gets me the groove to clean house and of course... DANCE!! Just a few of my favs...I have 100's that I enjoy!!

Best of 90s Alternative

This music is just some of my favorites from the early 90s, around the time I was in my late teens and early 20s. Hearing it again gives me a chance to introduce some of my old favorites to my kids, who like to hear stories about what I was like before they were born. Hearing these songs transports me to a carefree time and is always the perfect cure for a bad day.