Throw A Summer Olympics Party

I can’t believe the summer Olympics are back!
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Weren’t we just cheering on Michael Phelps through his eight gold medals? I’m so excited for this year, and if you are the type to make it a party, here are a few great ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

So many fun ideas from A Small Snippet’s beach Olympics party, from the t-shirts she made to fondant circle cupcakes and popcorn torches.

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Bird’s Party always know how to throw a party…check out her Sporty Olympic Party printables in action on The Hostess Blog. There are so many fun details you can recreate for your own party.

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This colorful cocktail from the Examiner looks like champagne poured over Life Savers.

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Don’t put away your 4th Of July decorations yet…Party Bluprints has a few clever ways to reuse your patriotic items.

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A Mini Olympics party from Tania McCartney; I love the winners’ circle and all the fun activities she created.

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You know you have to serve this Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza from Taste Of Home.


Winter Olympics Party

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