Three Things You Should Know Before Seeing Les Misérables.

I am a self-proclaimed Les Mis freak.
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Since 1990, when I first saw the musical in San Francisco, as a young 18 year old wannabe theatre actress (think Rachel from GLEE without the voice and only 1 dad), I have seen the musical 19 times, maybe 20, which translates into nearly $2,000 I’ve spent on this show. I know every word (which is why I was thrown for a loop when the original song began to play) and I know every nuance. I just posted my vlog review of the movie, which you can catch here.

But, if you have never seen the movie, first of all, DO NOT LISTEN to the slanderous reviews. It is a phenomenal must-see movie. Secondly, I wanted to share a few things with you BEFORE you see it.


1)It’s a MUSICAL. Translation–all of the dialogue is sung. ALL. Of. It.

But don’t be turned off by that because it’s actually better than having an awkward leap from talking to singing like in the old school musicals. And this music is so inspired and so beautiful that you won’t mind. I promise.

2)It is SAD. The translation of Les Misérables is THE MISERABLE ONES. The people are poor, with rotten teeth and open sores.

Also, death abounds, as in don’t get used to any one character because chances are they’’ll be dead at some point before the end. BUT, the the beauty of this show is that it’s all about finding light out of darkness.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

3)There is a weak link – Russell Crowe. He’s bloated and glassy eyed, with little to no character development whatsoever. I wish he had spent less time off screen throwing karaoke parties and more time working on his character. He should have met up with Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal for some tips. That being said, the rest of the performances are so good, you can get past it. Just know that going in and you won’t be disappointed.

And as my girl Jess tweeted:

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So what are you waiting for? Put those trepidations aside and go see this movie. You won’t be sorry.