This Thursday – Molly Ringwalds Perform at the Dallas Arboretum

Two years ago, I had a high school girlfriend in town
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Wanting to fully relive our high school years, we  watched the Molly Ringwalds perform at Gaylord’s Glass Cactus Nightclub. We became instant fans of this cover band. Dressed in 80’s/ 90’s fashion, they captivated the audience filled with 40 year olds. Us included! We sang to the biggest hits of our time. This included tunes from Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson, and Prince! We had an awesome time.

Despite that no one looked like Molly Ringwald (one of my favorite actresses of that era and who starred in many films such as “Pretty In Pink”), it’s a great name for an 80’s cover band. Which actress do you think of from the 80’s? Molly Ringwald!

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Molly Ringwald starred in one of my favorite movies of all time, Pretty in Pink

This Thursday, The Molly Ringwalds will be performing at the beautiful Dallas Arboretum. You can skip dinner as there will be the trendy food trucks. No roach trucks here! These food trucks have grown up. Food trucks from Nammi (Vietnamese fusion),Ruthie’s Rolling Café and Ruthie’s Rolling Creperie.

Want to join in the fun? Then show up in full 80’s gear and you can get a shot at a two night stay at the swanky Warwick Melrose Hotel.

The Dallas Arboretum hosts a concerts every Thursday and is presented by Wells Fargo.

For more information, go to .

Fall concerts are from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm with gates opening at 6 pm.

– Ausa Faria