There’s a totally normal habit we have all adopted now…

“Have you seen this?”

And then we hold up our phone.

If it’s really great, we send it in a message or share it on social media.

If it’s EPIC, you gather round the old TV or, in my case, giant iMac monitor and play it FULL SCREEN with speakers blaring.

Now, I’m going to be honest...this full screen, speakers on mode is usually reserved for Star Wars and Marvel trailers. (And one time when both Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill were in that Mission Impossible trailer...because, DUH.)

So when I tell you that you’re going to want to get comfy and enjoy this Marvel-inspired performance by Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona in full screen, please trust that this is about to blow your mind.

Actual thoughts I had while watching this video:

This is amazing! I’m so sad it’s almost over. *checks remaining time on video* THEY DID THIS FOR 7 MINUTES?

This was for the Homecoming assembly...this team must have spent their whole summer learning this!

OMG. This is amazing!

OMG. The music!

OMG. The level of coordination on this is unbelievable.

Is it possible to be teary-eyed-proud of kids you never met?

Because I am.

Congratulations to this team and the teachers and parents that support these amazing students.