THIS Is The Only Bracket That Matters This March {And It’s Tearing Us Apart}

Did you know there is a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance of filling out the perfect bracket?
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Well I don’t want to brag—okay, I totally do—but you’re looking at it.

Okay, so the stat is actually about a perfect March Madness bracket, but, if anything, the Disney + Pixar challenge is a million times harder and probably far more damaging to human productivity and relationships. I know my husband got a step or seven closer to sleeping on the couch when we got down to brass tacks over several key matchups.

Take The Little Mermaid vs. The Lion King: Sure, Simba’s got sway in the realm of heart-warming family narrative (maniacal uncle aside), but how do you compete with a movie that has an entire song set to the scene of a twisted French chef chasing a beleaguered crab with a cleaver? I submit that you cannot.

Well, Up tried. Using a powerful lineup of heart-wrenching love story and avian absurdity. But when your competitor can double team you with oh-so-relatable underwater angst and music that you can never forget the words to, you don’t really stand a chance.

And just like that, Little Mermaid unquestionably takes the championship.

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But for you crazies who dare to disagree, feel free to fill out your own brackets…just make sure you don’t share the results unless you’re ready to really reevaluate your friendships.

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Post Script!

OKAY but wait! Here’s where I, Rachael Herrscher, take over Kara’s post because MY BRACKET is the only true and accurate bracket! Behold:

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Finding Nemo. The End.

Looking For A Blank Disney Pixar March Madness Bracket?

Want to fill one out for yourself? You can find a blank one HERE >> (Just click on the image, save the file to your desktop and then use a service like PicMonkey to fill out your bracket online OR just hit print and get nuts)

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March is almost over — so hurry and fills yours out and let us know who won! (cough . . . cough . . . it’s FINDING NEMO . . . NOT The Little Mermaid . . . KARA!)

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