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The Birds and The Bieber

Shannon is still suffering from a terrible case of “Bieber Fever”.
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In fact, it’s so bad, it might be upgraded to “Bieber Malaria”.  This weekend she brought her Bieber CD into the kitchen while I was making dinner.  She then proceeded to sing each song at the top of her lungs.  The CD then followed us to my van, where she once again sang every song word for word.  Her newest addition to her “Bieber collection” is a Justin Bieber poster that is gracing her wall.

“Mom, if you love me, for my birthday you will find a way for me to meet Justin Bieber,” Shannon told me.

“Sure, Shannon, like I have any idea how to find this kid,” I responded.  “If he comes to Arizona, I’ll take you to his concert.”  Too bad he’s not in a boy band, I thought to myself…

This seemed to satisfy her for the moment and then she treated me to Bieber’s ex-girlfriend’s song and then modeled her new bathing suit.  It’s the exact same one that Selena Gomez, Bieber’s current girlfriend, has!!

Dreamily, Shannon then said, “The things I’d do to that boy…”

“Shannon Nicole!” I exclaimed.  I realized at that point it was time to have another sex talk.  Again.  “Why would you say something like that?  You don’t even know this kid!  What if he turned out to be a serial killer?” I asked rhetorically.

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“Considering he’s famous, I don’t think he would get away with it for very long,”  was her response.

“You know what I mean, Shannon,” I said.  “Don’t throw sexual statements around, especially about boys you don’t even know.  I don’t care how cute he is.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head like she was Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”. “I was just kidding, Mom,” she said.  That’s her standard response to anything she knows she shouldn’t have said.

As her parent, I recognize she may well be joking, but obviously, I don’t want anyone taking her “jokes” the wrong way.  It’s difficult too, to watch (and listen) to my little girl grow up.  I want to protect her.  I want her to experience real love and not carelessly fall into some casual sexual relationship.  Let’s put it this way…Shannon just visited her 14 year old friend in the hospital who just gave birth and that petrifies me!

I think it’s natural to want to protect your baby girl.  After Shannon’s father and I split up, my father had his own tentative sex talk with me, and I was 33!  He knew that I had not been in the dating world for over ten years and he thought I needed a refresher course in the way men think when I introduced him to a new man I had met.  My father’s parental warning instincts kicked in; he wanted to make sure this man had the right intentions.

“Dad, how do you know this man is interested in sex?” I asked, somewhat naively.  I will never forget his response.

“Well, I certainly don’t think he wants to play Pokemon with you.”  He always made his point with a sense of humor.

It is my sincere hope that my daughter appreciates my humor-laden concern throughout her life.  While I may approach serious subjects from a humorous angle, I want her to know that she can always talk to me, that she can trust me and that I will always do my best to protect her.  Even if it is from Justin Bieber.


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