Teenage Tangled Birthday Party

One of the things I like the most about my teenager’s birthday parties is how low key they can be.
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They are content to invite a few friends over to hang out and eat food.  The specific “hanging out” activities are often decided the night of the party, as it progresses.  One of my teenagers did some planning ahead and decided to watch Tangled as part of her party.  It was cute to see girls this old getting so excited about an animated movie.

We started off designing a cute, and easy, invitation using my Silhouette.  I love that this invitation could be used with any movie.  Next we came up with a simple party favor.   I found purple and yellow hair brushes and a 12 pack of combs at the local dollar store.  We slipped them in clear cellophane bags with a couple of pieces of candy with purple or yellow wrappers.

We also kept the decorations simple, yellow and purple streamers.  One fun addition to the decorations was a chalk cloth banner across the gift area.  The kids had a good time decorating while I did a little last minute cleaning.  We even kept the food simple.  Did I mention I love my children?  All she wanted was popcorn to munch on while we watched the movie, and a lemon cake with white frosting.  One of my older children used her creativity to decorate it with a sugar sprinkle sun that looked like it came straight from the movie.

The girls filled the remainder of the time jumping on the trampoline and chatting away.  I love how my older kids focus their parties on spending with their friends.