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Talking Holidays with ‘Til Death’s Joely Fisher

I was most excited that I was about to jump on a call with a down-to-earth mom who just happened to be a well-known celebrity, Joely Fisher

I was thrilled to get the call letting me know that I would be on a phone interview with actress Joely Fisher. She’s an amazing actress who’s performed in films, on stage and on television, most recently from 2006-2010 in the Fox Television comedy ‘Til Death and in my personal favorite, as Paige Clark, the best friend of Ellen Degeneres on the sitcom Ellen.

But what I was most excited about was that I had a feeling I was about to jump on a call with a down-to-earth mom who just happened to be a well-known celebrity.

I was right.


She’s had an amazing life as the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Connie Stevens, and she’s had a very successful career as an actress, but first and foremost she’s a mom to five children. She’s a step-mom to two boys (ages 23 and 25), and has three young daughters, ranging in age from three to ten.

Her children have spent a lot of time on set, and she talked about needing to nurse while she was filming ‘Til Death and also how her children at two years old would clam up as soon as a director yelled action and start right back up again when they heard the word cut.

Joely Fisher doesn’t have a nanny. Big Hollywood gasp! Before our call she had made breakfast, packed lunches and dropped three kids off at school. She drives to dance classes and prefers the schedule of television to movies because as she said, she wants to be the first face her children see in the morning and the last face they see at night.

When asked about the holidays and how she and her family celebrate, I learned that she has the holidays covered way past the month of December.

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Christmas Eve is a family affair. But way before Christmas she spray paints pumpkins, sets up fog machines, flashes movies on the wall and lives on a crazy street in Los Angeles where each house tries to outdo the other with incredible Halloween decorations. Jump past Christmas and Halloween to New Years Eve, which also happens to be her wedding anniversary, which she tries to celebrate in a “spectacular” fashion each and every year. Fast-forward to Valentine’s Day where she and her daughters hit up one of her two craft closets that according to her, Martha Stewart might just envy for some holiday craft time.

That’s my kind of girl.

‘Til Death is a hilarious comedy starring Joely Fisher and Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond. It is now in syndication and can be enjoyed nightly. Click here to find the show in your area.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

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