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Support Micro Entrepreneurs In Africa

How many of you like to buy gifts for others?
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How many of you like to buy gifts for others where your purchase also helps those in need?  (This is where I raise my hand and say, “Me, me, me!”)  Isn’t it exciting to know that your purchase is making a difference in someone’s life halfway across the world?  It truly makes me giddy inside.

Today I want to introduce you to Gloria.  Gloria has just learned to sew.  Having never touched a sewing machine before, my sister-in-law taught Gloria to sew and is helping her to create beautiful bags and coin purses.  Gloria lives in a community in S. Africa called Mbonisweni.  For a single woman living in a poor African community where jobs are scarce, providing basic needs of food for your family can be a very difficult task.  Not only is Gloria able to be creative with her hands but she’s also able to provide a hot meal and an education for her kids.

On my trip to S. Africa in early August, I brought back several bags and coin purses to sell.  Want to help support micro entrepreneurs in Africa?  Check out a sampling of what’s available and click here to purchase!

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There are lots more available to purchase.  Click here to see pricing information and to buy your beautiful Africa bag today!

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