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The 2019 Super Bowl was officially the most boring EVER. Even the entertainment from the acclaimed Super Bowl commercials was few and far between. My overall sentiment can be summed up in one word: lackluster. 

Of course there were still some standouts, and a little bit of drama to add to the mix. 

Let's Start With the Ad That Got Banned From the Super Bowl

Bud Light? Boring. Overdone. Over them. Do I drink beer? No. So there's that. But I will say that the fact that CBS banned a commercial about medical cannabis helping a kid's seizures but included just about 1 billion ads shilling alcohol to the masses? That doesn't add up. So let's start with the ad that got banned from the Super Bowl:

Best Commercials of the 2019 Super Bowl

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way. Even amidst so many Super Bowl stinkers there were a few that did the job. Here's our list of the best commercials of the 2019 Super Bowl! 

Hyundai: Shopper Assurance

Jason Bateman has my heart! Take it! I think this might have been the only truly witty commercial of the evening. 6 hour flight middle seat? Vegan dinner party? "The Talk"? Well done. 

Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial: We All Win

When everybody plays we all win. I dare you to get through this commercial without crying. In this long winter where many of our hearts have frozen from the polar vortex or just the state of American politics please just give me a bunch of kids playing together and being awesome! Well done Microsoft! You won the Super Bowl!

Alexa - Not Everything Makes the Cut

Of course the Harrison Ford inclusion is the best part of this commercial!

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NFL 100 Seasons Super Bowl Commercial 

Very funny -- I still think Jason Bateman in the Hyundai commercial wins for the funniest! I mean, if I were a bigger football fan and I actually knew who half those guys were I think this one might win even more points. 


Here's another one that might squeeze a tear from your otherwise bored to tears eyes. 

Pampers - Stinky Booty Duty

We're giving Stinky Booty Duty the cutest commercial award!


I mean the Pepsi commercial is mostly meh. BUT I've given it a place - because Steve Carrell. That is all. 

What Super Bowl 2019 commercial was your favorite? 


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