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Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum

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Blog from the caffeine-addicted author of "Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum." Pop culture, news and politics from a suburban mom point of view. (Plus lots of "Desperate Housewives," "Mad Men," "Lost" and Tina Fey.)

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Songs For Mom

For Mother's are a few of my favorite "Mom" tunes.

Good Morning from Texas!

Here's a little mix of my favorite music including some locals - straight from Texas! From rockabilly and alt country to trippy funk and rockin' guitars - this music gets me going in the morning and gets my bub, Lyle, dancing in his pj's!

Valentine for Mix Posts_TC

The Art of the Mixtape from Chris Cactus

I made the best mixtapes not for myself but for others. And nothing fuels the creation of a mixtape like love.

Mom's Crazy Music mix

This mix is full of songs that make my one-year-old stop whatever he's doing and dance. These are also greats songs to use when working out. The beats range from running/jogging beats, to weight-lifting beats, all the way down to stretching beats. Enjoy!

Mom's Night Out

This is a play list for the start of Girl's night out. You've just said your good-byes, started the car and hit the road to meet the girls for dinner & a movie. Getting out the door is not easy with husband and kids so it's time to let loose before you get out of the driveway. Each song comes with a different attitude. Take your pick, just play it loud and proud!