Squirrels Used to be Cute

Squirrels Used to be Cute
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Even though squirrels are in the rodent family and can carry all kinds of scary diseases, they’re generally considered ‘cute’. They are furry and scamper around the campsite. Totally cute. They seem to have their own unique personalities — think Chip and Dale.  Then I ran into a squirrel that had a little too much personality for my liking.

As we hung out on the lake shore, I occasionally noticed people walking near our picnic table seeming pretty interested in something. I figured they were envious of our prime location. Finally a kind gentleman informed me there was a squirrel in our bag of cookies. This bag of Oreos was straight from the store, as in unopened! The no-longer-cute squirrel had chewed a hole in the corner of the grocery sack and proceeded to chew his way through the packaging and ate about 10 of my cookies! I mean our cookies.  My opinion about squirrels forever changed during a summer day at the lake. We found a nice beach area near a picnic pavilion. While we unloaded the car, we put a grocery sack with a couple of bags of chips and some cookies on the table. Not just any cookies – Double Stuffed Oreos. There are only a couple of kinds of store bought cookies I really like, and those are one of them.

Apparently he preferred Oreos to Doritos, since he left the chips untouched. He might not be cute, but I have to admit he did have good taste.

I shooed him away, but it was only temporary. He kept trying to sneak back to my cookies. He even approached us as we ate our lunch.

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I stomped my foot at him and let him know under no uncertain terms that he wasn’t my friend.

After we finished eating, I figured I should at least try to make good use of those lost cookies. I put half of cookie in the bag and left it on the picnic table. Within a couple minutes, fur face had scurried in the bag and pulled out his reward while I clicked away on the camera. He let me get right up to the other side of the table. When he devoured my chocolaty goodness, he stood up and posed for me!

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