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So You Think You Can Dance is Back!

I sobbed through most of last night's premiere of SYTYCD. Anyone else excited that this summer staple is back on the air?

It's not summer for me until So You Think You Can Dance is back on the air. If you'd of told me a few years ago that a dance program on TV would be one of my absolute favorites, I would have called you a dirty liar: my cleats could tear your slippers to shreds. But once I started watching the show (SYTYCD for short,) I was hooked.

Bree Hafen SYTYCD

This year's premiere makes a promise of it being even better than ever. I literally cried for about half the show.

Any mom could totally identify with Bree Hafen, who tried out for SYTYCD after two kids and battling confidence issues. Two hanky warning on this one, folks.

We can't stop talking about "Exorcist style" Hampton Williams, who introduced his performance with some sort of crazy mumbo jumbo about exorcisms and souls. It was so unexpected and different, I don't think there was a dry eye in all of America. Three hanky warning.


One of my other favorites was Leo Reyes, whose tribute to his mother set to a Drake record, had my jaw on the floor. His performance was almost unbearably intimate and emotional; it was my first rewind moment of the season.

What about you? Did you have a favorite moment?

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