SNL’s Kate McKinnon is Ms. Frizzle On The Netflix Magic School Bus Re-Boot

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SNL and Ghostbuster’s star, Kate McKinnon, will bring life to Ms. Frizzle of Magic School Bus fame in “The Magic School Bus:Rides Again”, scheduled to debut on Netflix later this year.

Could the casting be any more spot on? Kate is the perfect mix of quirky, smart and capable that Ms. Frizzle is notorious for. Netflix totally nailed it. Kate is currently starring on SNL and in my heart for her portrayal of characters as diverse and opposite as Kelly Anne Conway and Hillary Clinton. That’s called range, people, and she’s crushing it. 

I don’t know about you, but the Magic School Bus books were a staple in my formative years and I loved the show just as hard. The character of Ms. Frizzle was originally voiced by the great Lily Tomlin, earning her an Emmy and the production several nominations as well. 

Netflix is riding high by capitalizing on its nostalgia wave of success for revival attempts at classic shows like “Fuller House” and “Gilmore Girls”. “Magic School Bus” is just one of the Scholastic book titles optioned by Netflix, others include “Clifford The Big Red Dog” and “Goosebumps”, my kids’ personal favorite. Add “Stranger Things” into that mix, and we’ve got ourselves some quality television. All the classics you were raised on plus the Upside Down too, what more could you ask for? 


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