Sisters Grimm Family Book Club

Our family book club is gaining momentum again!
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We were struggling to find time for me to read out loud to the kids, so we set a finish date and that helped keep us focused. We finished Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley in just a few weeks.

The Sisters Grimm is a fun middle grade series of twisted fairy tale characters trying to survive incognito in a small rural town. The Grimm family helps them maintain harmony in the community, even if the “Ever Afters” would rather break free. It was fun trying to guess which towns-person was which fairy tale character.

When Sabrina and Daphne move in with Granny Grimm, they learn she is quite an interesting cook. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try some of her exotic foods, like her flapjacks with electric pink bubbly syrup or spaghetti with green saucy meatballs. We shared some of our favorite dinners that they might consider a little more normal, like Almond Chicken Casserole or Breakfast Cake.

My favorite room in Granny’s house is the one she stores the Magic Mirror – you know “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”? I think I need one of those in my house; talk about total house organization! We each drew our own mirrors and the person who lived in it and described what our mirror protected. One mirror protected stuffed animals, while another was the keeper of the clown cars.

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So if you had a fairy tale alter ego, who would you be? Rapunzel would be cool with her long hair, but there’s that whole trapped in a tower thing. Aladdin had his flying carpet and Genie lamp; I think I’ll go with him, or maybe a girl version of him.

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