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Sesame Street and Sonia Sotomayor Explain: Princess is not a career

Finally, someone is speaking out about Princesses.
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Sesame Street and Sonia Sotomayor, the US Supreme Court Justice, team up in a segment centered on Abby Cadabby.  Says Sotomayor, “Pretending to be a princess is fun, but it is definitely not a career.”

The rest of the episode includes rebooted footage from 2001 and 2005 about hurricane preparation and education, as Big Bird deals with the destruction of his nest.

Thank you to Sesame Street for recognizing the Princess obsession and speaking to our girls about what they can achieve.

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Abby:What kind of career can a girl like me have?

Sotomayor:Well you can go to school and train to be a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, and even a scientist.

Yes, even a scientist.  Even a Supreme Court Justice.  Perhaps someday, even President.


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