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Self Love Challenge: Selfie Challenge

As my self love challenge series comes to an end, I was planning on talking about saying No and making powerful requests
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Then I saw the video below on the Today Show and redirected my course. I decided that this self love challenge should be about knowledge, sharing that knowledge and about being conscious of the inside as well as the outside of your body in a much more literal sense than the old adage that “beauty is within.” Then teach what you learn to the women and girls around you – pay it forward (or backward if that be the case).

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I LOVE that they have older mother and daughters on this show. It seems like everything is directed at Mom’s with little girls. What happens when those little girls aren’t so little anymore? I also love how they talk about what they learn from each other. I have learned my greatest lessons from my 3 girls – and I learn more from them each and every day.

Cameron makes a good point that most people don’t know the science of their bodies. Many of us have learned to count calories but don’t differentiate the type of calories. She also says that our skin is a good indication of what is going on inside. We tend to forget that as we reach for remedies that are trying to cure from the outside in instead of the inside out. I remember reading an analogy once that our bodies are an aquarium – well, could your fish live in yours?

This is also a reminder that whether they are big or small, they learn from what we model to them. If we are worried about our big butts in the mirror, then they are going to worry about big butts in the mirror. We pass our neurosis onto them. Some gain the strength to kick those old neurosis to the curb, but more often they spend their lives carting them around with them. You can tell them it’s about the beauty inside. You can tell them how beautiful they are. At some age they may even believe you. But in that in between space, remember what you model to them. It will make a much bigger difference than what you tell them.