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Ryan Reynolds has long reigned as America’s dreamiest sweetheart, but when he went to bat (well, Twitter) for a beloved teddy bear…well, he made himself untouchable.

Mara Soriano of Vancouver, Canada got a terrible shock when, in the middle of a move, had to rush to a friend’s aid, leaving many of her bags unattended. Unfortunately, one those bags contained her iPad, Apple Pencil, Nintendo Switch, citizenship card, AND the last two things her mother gave her before passing after a nine-year battle with cancer: a Mickey Mouse wallet and a Build-A-Bear with a recording of her voice telling Mara she loved her and would always be with her.

And when the heartbreaking story reached Ryan Reynolds? The famous actor took to Twitter and offered a $5k reward to anyone who returned the missing teddy—no questions asked.

He also offered more gin than could be imagined, if Mara’s bear was returned home safely.

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#FindMarasBear took off quickly on social media and people were ready with support.

And miraculously, because there is still good in this crazy world, within a few days someone #FoundMarasBear.

Mara was, of course, overjoyed to have her precious bear back and be reunited with that last gift from her loving mama.

And Ryan couldn’t wait to share the good news!


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