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Raging Hormones

Hormones run rampant in my household; I mean, come on, I DO have three teenagers!
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As difficult as it is as a parent to face that your children are growing up, it is an inevitable fact. One of the most uncomfortable aspects of parenting is their insatiable interest in all things sexual. I consider myself blessed that they actually TALK to me about stuff like this and even venture to ask me questions. So, as a parent, I have tried to have an open-door policy regarding sex, unless, of course, that door is locked when they knock!

In an effort to keep those lines of communication flowing, I agreed to answer their questions as honestly as possible, even if caused me great embarrassment to do so. Once they heard I might be embarrassed by the whole process, they were game. So here are some very public answers to some very private questions:

Yes, oral sex is considered “sex.” Anything that has “sex” in its description and can give you a disease is most definitely sex.

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Oh yes, a Brazilian bikini wax hurts. Immensely.

My recommendation is to have an epidural. I could barely handle the bikini wax, so I say, when having a baby, anything that keeps you comfortable is a good thing!

Abstinence, definitely! Not only are you not ready for all the drama that having a sexual relationship entails, but you can get pregnant the first time you have sex. For example, his name is Daniel, your (half) brother…

What was that question? How do you even know what that is? Are you listening to Lil Wayne again? Wow, um, I am taking the fifth amendment on that one!!


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