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Project Runway Hits Dylan's Candy Bar

The unconventional challenge on this season's Project Runway hits Dylan's Candy Bar! Find out what candy Dylan Lauren would have used to create her couture gown.
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I had the chance to chat with Dylan Lauren about tonight's Project Runway episode! It's often my favorite challenge of the season: using unconventional materials to build a couture garment. I'm usually equally enthused about how people are using the materials, and annoyed because I could totally think of a better way of using them. So let's check in with Dylan!

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn and Dylan Lauren

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn and Dylan Lauren

How did you get involved with Project Runway this season?

We were approched by the show. Dylan’s Candy Bar makes a great backdrop for the challenge with the colors and our incredible options--we’re the biggest candy store in the world. And since I come from a fashion background (I have experience in the industry, attending fashion shows, and reading the reviews,) the producers thought I’d make a good judge (Dylan is also the daughter of fashion legend Ralph Lauren.)

What makes candy such an interesting material to work with?

There are so many colors and shapes! The many textures, the opaque and the translucent, long and short candies, even the gummy. When you collage them together candy can form these amazing designs.

What are the challenges of working with candy?

The biggest challenge? People want to eat it! For one thing, candy is small, but if you have to cover a surface with a lot of candy, the weight of it can be an issue. And then there are the glues! Some glues don’t work, sometimes glue gun heat melts candy, it makes the challenge exciting.

What were you most surprised by?

I was most surprised by people who didn’t chose more than one kind of candy or color. I’m a color freak, and there are so many bars and types of candy!

Was there anything that you watched people do and thought, “Oh honey, no!”?

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When I saw the contestants shopping for very small items. I don’t think they knew how much it would take to fill the muslin. There are so many different colors and sizes of candy, and figuring out how to use them while working inside the limited amount of muslin they had. I was nervous!

Is there anything you wanted the designers to use or anything you thought they should have stayed away from?

There were a few products the desginers weren’t able to use because of trademark issues--like the vintage products, Charleston Chew for example. Some tried cotton candy and that becomes tricky to shape. I, personally, would have liked to the designers use more giant lollipops.

Anything you would have wanted to see differently in the styling of the outfits?

I would have liked to have seen a big gown with a train. There were a lot of great dresses, but I was hoping to see something big.

What candy would you have used to create a dress?

I think the episode was so challenging because anyone who came into the store could be overwhelmed with the choices! I ‘d want to use one of everything! I would definitely have wanted to use the Dylan’s Candy Bar lollipops, or the translucent gummies in all the colors. We have more than 200 shades of colored candy!

Alright, what do you think? Are you excited to watch the Unconventional Material challenge on tonight's Project Runway?

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