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Pick Me up jam

This is what I listen to when I need a pick me up!
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This is what I listen to when I need a pick me up!

1. Good Eye, Bruce Springsteen

2. Formula 409, Electric Six

3. South Town Girls, The Hold Steady

4. Lilac Wine, Jeff Buckley

5. Personality Crisis, New York Dolls

6. Sea Legs, The Shins

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7. Greta, Triggerlocks

8. Catch Hell Blues, The White Stripes

9. Gone Gone Gone, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

10. Start a Band, Brad Paisley w/ Keith Urban

11. Alligator Chomp, Shooter Jennings

12. Rock'N Roll Train, AC/DC

From Monique of Salt Lake City, UT


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