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Personal Theme Song

It's impossible to convey how badass I am when I sing my Personal Theme Song in the car.

This morning I opened up FaceBook and my friend Kandi shared this song.

Islands in the Stream with Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

You guys, it doesn't get much better than that on a Friday morning -- that is, unless I hear my Personal Theme Song on the radio. You see, I don't own a copy of my Personal Theme Song. I just wait for it to come on the radio and see that as a sign of something awesome coming my way.

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My Personal Theme Song: Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics

It's impossible to convey how badass I am when I sing this in the car.

Ally McBeal made the Personal Theme Song popular when everyone had a song that played when they entered the show.

What's your Personal Theme Song? Sing it out!



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