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Peace Love Story Festival!

A while back I did an interview on a local storyteller, Zette Harbor.
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(To read the interview and review of her Story Harbour CD, click here!) And knowing her, I knew she would soon be up to something else amazing! Enter Peace Love Story Festival!She has developed an interactive journey to peace through the creative art of Origami and the Peace Crane. Over the summer, Zette organized a series of of Peace Crane Folding Parties, in which participants would learn to make a Peace Crane. They would first write their name on the back of the paper, then fold,  then turn in.

Their crane would then be part of an art installation of 1000 cranes….as legend has it, when you build 1000 cranes, your wish will come true. Her wish…is for peace. The 1000 piece peace crane sculpture she is building will be on display throughout the Central California Coast. The big festival is on Sunday, September 16th.

Camp Ocean Pines, set in the seacoast hills,  will host Peace Love Story Fest…where artists such as Djeliba Baba the Storyteller, Ranchers for Peace, Shannon Savage, and Zette Harbor will share story through music and words. Local artists will also have their wares on display and for sale. In the words of Zette, I couldn’t help but make this simple subway art:

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If you are on the central coast and can make it up the coastline to scenic Cambria, be sure to come to the Peace Love Story Festival and share the story of Peace. More information can be found at and tickets can be purchased there as well! Also posted in the Today’s Mama Calendar here!

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