Oprah-fy Yourself

Like many people, I love Oprah. I may not agree with her 100% of the time
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But, essentially she has a good heart and good intentions. I love how women (and men) of all walks of life can relate to her. She’s my definition of a success! She’s a person of color who has has endured many of life’s trials and tribulations and thrived. Oprah isn’t afraid to speak her mind (which has gotten her into some sticky situations), but she stands by her convictions. Or, she admits she was wrong.

Who could blame me if I wanted to swap places for a day? She counts celebrities and politicians among her friends, has a personal trainer and multiple luxurious homes at her fingertips and owns her network and magazine. Well, now I can be on her magazine cover and you can too! Go to and upload a picture to “Oprah-fy Yourself”. It’s all in fun! Above is one I did to commemorate my 40th birthday.

– Cool Playground Mommy