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Women's Soccer Gets the Commercial That It (And Our Girls) Deserves

Hey, you ready?

I'm not crying. You're crying! OK, well maybe I cried a little . . .

Yes. Commercials make me cry. 

And yeah, I actually cried in the Wonder Woman movie in a fight scene. For reals? Yes, for reals. I probably cried in that girl power moment in Infinity Wars too. 

Here's the thing. As much as I believe that women need to be represented equally (in all aspects), I tend to forget sometimes. 

I tend to not notice how often female athletes go unnoticed. Until I see something like this and it stops me in my tracks. 

It stops me not only because it is inspiring work, but also because as a girl, a girl who loved sports growing up, a girl who played soccer, a girl who wanted to do all the things -- all of the sudden that little girl inside me is inspired. I realize that growing up - we didn't see a lot of these images. 

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I didn't tend to notice the absence of this inspiration growing up. I still played sports and did all the things I loved to do. But I still remember the first time I noticed Nike talking to ME and it has stuck with me over the years - now as the mother of two girls. 

Here's the first Nike ad that spoke to me. I was 17. 

My girls haven't had to wait that long. They've been in a world full of strong female role models and it's only getting better. 

They probably haven't noticed it yet, but they could still use a whole lot more inspiration like this from brands like Nike.  And hopefully, their girls will have it even better. 


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