Nic's Mix

I am always listening to music and this is what I start my day out with!
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I am always listening to music and this is what I start my day out with!

1. I'll Stand By You, Carrie Underwood

2. I'm Yours, Jason Mraz

3. Lookin For a Good Time, Lady Antebellum

4. Yellow Ledbetter, Pearl Jam

5. The Heart Brings You Back, Blues Traveler

6. Modern Love, The Last Towne Chorus

7. Just Another Day in Paradise, Phil Vassar

8. If Everyone Cared, Nickelback

9. Brown Eyed Girl, CCR

10. You Learn, Alanis Morrisette

11. Best Friend, Tim McGraw

12. Under the Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers

From Nicole of Vernal, UT


Spin Mix

I teach Spin at a local gym and I love music that gets me energized. I always ask people in class what music gets them pumped and here are a few my class and I enjoy.

Night Out Mix

This is the music that I listen to when I’m getting ready for a night out. (Yes girls, we can still look hot!)

Mommy's Sanity Mix

I listen to this when I am making lunch. It keeps me happy AND the kids happy by giving each a little of what we want. The kids like to dance to their songs and mine.

Lullabye Mix

It seems like everywhere I turn someone has a new baby, including me! Here are my favorite "lullabye" songs.

Oh Baby, Baby Mix

These are all songs my infant daughter loves and dances to while running errands, hanging out in the house etc. Some are children's songs, and others are ones we've just discovered that she likes.

Mom's Crazy Music mix

This mix is full of songs that make my one-year-old stop whatever he's doing and dance. These are also greats songs to use when working out. The beats range from running/jogging beats, to weight-lifting beats, all the way down to stretching beats. Enjoy!